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Kayak Productions

Kayak Productions is an independent media production company based in London.

We specialise in making short, funny videos for the internet and viral marketing. To see what we do check out our new comedy series Christie, it's all about London's top lavatory salesman.

We're pretty good at our job, we have a few awards to our name, but we rate our success by the thousands of people who've watched and enjoyed our videos. More about us.

Media Content and Production

Film CrewAll of our funny and scary video content is available for distribution by networks and advertisers. Check out our comedy showcase.

We think our short internet videos are ripe to be adapted to the big or small screen. We have a number of scripts and ideas, many ready to produce off-the-shelf, that we invite organisations to back through commissioning, advertising or profit-sharing through investment. As usual, backers get to attend premiers, visit film sets, meet cast and crew and optionally make cameo appearances. More about our scripts and ideas.

We offer a wide range of media production services and can custom produce media content. Sometimes we team up with companies to create funny stories in the virtual world that make people feel good about things in the real world (like the company they work for, low emission cars or premium beer.) More about our media production services.


May 08: Hollyoak's Guy Burnet and Alec Christie out-takes & bloopers video released (2 min).

May 08: Sneak peak released of Alec Christie's new comedy concept Blackroom Management: On Tour - this time it's all about the music.

April 08: American Dream short film featured on Vuze.com and downloaded 5,000 times in first week. Also available to watch on filmaka.com. Based on a true story. Gangster Gangy Cohen turned Actor Jack Gordon is living the American Dream in LA until his criminal past catches up with him. Behind the scenes video also available on filmaka.com.

April 08: Christie comedy series released on the filmaka.com, 12 weekly installments starting 24 April.

Feb 08: Filming has completed on American Dream our entry to the filmaka competition final. We're up against 40 finalists. Grand prize - a feature film production contract.

Feb 08: Kayak Tribe FaceBook group launched. Hear about the latest screenings and events and communicate with our cast and crew.

Jan 08: Due for release in 2008, filming has completed on Christie a new twelve part comedy series, featuring Guy Burnet from Hollyoaks and Rufus Wright from the Stephen Merchant Radio Show.

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If you are interested in any of our services please contact us for a quote.

Video Productions

Christie Comedy Series

Stephen Merchant as regional sports commentator in No Skillz
No Skillz

SMS Kiss behind the scenes
Ginger & SMS Kiss

Director's Black Baseball Cap $20.99

Behind The Scenes

Christie bloopers & out-takes featuring Hollyoak's Guy Burnet (2mins)

Behind the scenes (3 mins) of Christie

American Dream Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes (3 mins) of American Dream


"Quite possibly the best work of fiction since The Bible." - Stephen Merchant

Earth Inc. by Michael Bollen

Cut Throat Alley