About Us

Kayak Productions is an independent media production company based in London. 

We specialise in making short, funny videos for the internet. To see what we do check out our new comedy series about Christie, London's top lavatory salesman.

We're pretty good at our job, we have a few awards to our name, but we rate our success by the thousands of people who've watched and enjoyed our videos.

Sometimes we team up with companies to create funny stories in the virtual world that make people feel good about things in the real world. (Real world things like the company they work for, low emission cars or premium beer.) 

When we're not making our own comedy and horror videos we produce a variety of media, film, television, radio and live events for other people. We offer a full range of media production services.

We know a lot about technology and new media which helps us do some clever stuff, for not a lot of money.

How We Started

Kayak Productions was established in 2003 by producer, writer, actor Alec Christie and is comprised of a collective of media industry professionals.

Who We Are

For each project we hand pick a small team for the job from our pool of media professionals. Sometimes we call on our friends who are members of the Kayak Tribe Facebook Group to help out.

Our core production team are: