Careers and FAQs

Question: Can I do work experience with you?

Answer: We occasionally take on people for work experience on specific projects. We advertise vacancies on Talent Circle.

If you are interested in breaking into the film production business we recommend you get a drivers licence and a first aid certificate as these are useful skills on set (and in life.)

The St Johns Ambulance run regular 'Emergency and Basic First Aid' courses around the country for around £65 so you really have no excuse not to get trained.

If you have a drivers licence and a first aid certificate you can e-mail your CV to and we'll keep it on file. In your e-mail please include the secret passwords 'I read the careers section of your web site and...'

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Question: Are you recruiting?

Answer: We are not recruiting at the moment. We occasionally recruit people on a freelance basis for jobs. We advertise vacancies on Talent Circle.

For casting actors we use Casting Call Pro. We like profiles with 1-3 minute edited video showreels, we're not fans of like long video monologues.

Unfortunately we can't reply to individual unsolicited CVs because we receive thousands. (So many that it inspired part of our Blackroom Management: On Tour video.) We don't especially recommend sending out generic CVs to lots of production companies. We've written an blog post about the ways we recommend to get into the media business.

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Would you like to hire a media production company?

Answer: Er, no thanks. Funny question really because that's kind of what we do - quite well actually, we've even won awards.

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Where can I see the Guy Burnet out-takes video? / Is that Guy Burnet's girlfriend?

Answer: The infamous Alec Christie and Guy Burnet out-takes and bloopers video can be found here.

Ria Lina who plays Guy's love interest in the Christie Series is in real life a happily married, award winning stand-up comedian.

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Question: Do you build canoes and kayaks?

Answer: No. We're a media production company, but in our free time we do like adventure sports.

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