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Christie knows what he wants. He's the top lavatory salesman in London. Sit down, shut up and learn from the master.

Now available on, Christie is a new twelve part internet video comedy series co-produced by Kayak Productions. It is being released in weekly installments starting on 24 April 2008.

Christie at London EyeChristie follows, Mo, a young up and coming businessman as he desperately tries to sell a new line of toilets while being constantly confounded by his little boss Christie.

Christie was commissioned by the filmaka jury panel of hollywood producers and film stars Colin Firth (Bridget Jones’s Diary) and Bill Pullman (Independence Day.)

Funk It!

Christie is based on the comedy world created by the award winning 2007 Funk It! short films. Funk It! parts one and two have now been adapted to become the first two episodes of the Christie series.

" is committed in helping your ideas live on by taking them the distance. As an example, please see Alec Christie and Azi Rahman’s Funk it series. This character can go live on television or film."

Instructions to competition entrants, December 2007

Christie features a crew of new, talented actors including:


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* Legal Notice: Any similarity between Christie the comedy series and the low on waist, straight fit 'Christie Fit Pants' by Victoria's Secret is purely coincidental.

Ginger and SMS Kiss

In 2007 Kayak produced Ginger and SMS Kiss, two romantic comedy short films based on the stand up comedy of Steel Wallis.

Ginger and SMS Kiss were directed by Alec Christie, written by Steel Wallis and feature Sasha Waddell from 2008 film Ealing Comedy.


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SMS Kiss behind the scenes
Behind the Scenes (3 mins)

Watch Ginger (3 mins)

SMS Kiss
Watch SMS Kiss (3 mins)

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Soulshaker Productions

In association with filmaka


In 2005 Kayak Productions produced a pilot episode of the yet to be produced comedy series No Skillz written by Alex Newman and Nicola Cotter (The Office).

No Skillz football is available to view here.

No Skillz stars Alec Christie (Last Chancers, Meet Ricky Gervais) and Stephen Merchant (The Office, Extras) the Emmy, British Comedy Award, and three-time BAFTA winner.

Christie is one of life’s dreamers. Having lost his job, his clothes, his girlfriend and all of his dignity he decides to turn his life around.

With the help of his small band of rather odd friends he starts a five aside football team called No Skillz and enters them into the local Power League.

Christie’s attempt to win back his girlfriend Ruby backfires when No Skillz are humiliated on the pitch and Ruby takes a fancy to one of the opposing players.

But all is not lost for Christie as Nicola, the attractive Power League receptionist, is charmed by his naive enthusiasm.  


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No Skillz Logo

No Skillz web site

Stephen Merchant as regional sports commentator in No Skillz

Watch No Skillz (30 mins)

'The Office - Christmas Special' DVD

The Office
Created by the No Skillz sports commentator, Stephen Merchant.
Buy UK (PAL) DVD £15.99

Buy USA (NTSC) DVD $21.98 

Gardening Leave

In 2007 Kayak produced a pilot episode of the comedy radio series Gardening Leave written by Dan Warren and Tom Fordyce.

Gardening Leave was co-produced with Soulshaker Productions.


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Listen to Gardening Leave (33 mins)

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Soulshaker Productions

Piccadilly Cowboy

Also known as: Anxiously Engaged (USA video title)

In 2004 Kayak Productions acted as the Production services company on the comedy feature film Piccadilly Cowboy.


Piccadilly Cowboy is about a Montana Cowboy, named Carson Wells. Carson is unmarried and living abroad in London. A fish out of water, Carson works for a high power beef company, and is dating a beautiful, British girl named Lucy.

Everything seems to be going well for him in the Big Smoke. When he decides to settle for their relationship and ask Lucy's grandfather, Mr. Armstrong, for her hand in marriage, the reply is that he must first find a husband for her older sister, Gemma.

Whilst finding her a potential mate, his life changes forever as he discovers true love and resolves issues in his own personal life. (Source: imdb)


In the film Gwyneth Powell, who is well known in the UK as Mrs McClusky from children's TV program Grange Hill, struggles to give up smoking - something that it is hard to imagine McClusky doing

It is the first movie featuring Mormons to be made in England since 'Trapped By the Mormons' was made in 1922. (The main characters in the film are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS Church).



Piccadilly Cowboy

Piccadilly Cowboy web site and trailer

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