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Abgott Horror Music Video l Cut Throat Alley

Kayak Productions specialises in the top selling film genres of horror and comedy. We work with the special effects coordinator Dan Martin whose previous credits include Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell.

Abgott Horror Music Video

In 2007 Kayak produced a horror theme music video for the black metal band Abgott.

Warning: Graphic imagery and seriously heavy metal.


Horror Music Video

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Cut Throat Alley

In 2006 Kayak Productions won an official selection in the UK Film Club 2006 Halloween Horror 13 Day Challenge with the short film Cut Throat Alley.

The challenge was to write, shoot and edit the scariest short film ever in just 13 days.

As one of the top ten films Cut Throat Alley was screened at the funky Passing Clouds venue in the heart of London on Halloween night 2006.

Cut Throat Alley


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