Scripts and Ideas

We have a number of scripts and ideas that we haven't got around to making yet. Many are ready to produce off-the-shelf. Below are links to summaries, and script extracts from our concepts. Treatments and scripts are available on request.

We'd love to hear from interested organisations and individuals who'd like to back one of our projects through commissioning, advertising or profit-sharing through investment. As usual, backers will get to attend premiers, visit film sets, meet cast and crew and optionally make a cameo appearance.

We think our short internet videos are ripe to be adapted to the big or small screen. We can also adapt or custom produce content to meet an organisation's needs. Please contact us if you are interested backing one of our ideas:


Sea Demons - Period Horror - Script
The eighteenth century’s answer to Assault on Precinct 13.

ELSA - Comedy - Script
East London School of Acting has forty days to raise £75,000 or face destruction. Dodgeball meets fame (with less leg warmers.)

The Trial of William Buckle - Period Drama - Script
19th century period drama set in Suffolk, England.

The World Turned Upside Down - Historical thriller - Treatment
17th Century period drama set in Hampshire, England from the Leveller defeat at Burford to the flight of the Ranters.

Horrific Movie - Comedy horror - Treatment
The Producers meets Scary Movie in a hilarious romp through the world of low budget horror as our two unscrupulous protagonists attempt to make the worst movie of all time

Kuhl Fighter - Comedy Action Spoof - Script
Jack Kuhl and his team take on the ruthless dicatator General Kroyder in this action movie spoof.

Elephant Boy - Drama - Concept and 2 filmed scenes
Elephant Boy was developed from a clinical presentation delivered at the Mole Mental Health Conference on Borderline Personality Disorder Mad, Bad or Misunderstood. 

Elephant Boy depicts Simon and Jim's struggle with their own self destructive tendencies. 

Currently in development this story comes out of hours of research with sufferers of borderline personality disorder and reflects on their shared experiences. 

Snare - Historical thriller - Concept
Archaeological Thriller set in London and Jerusalem.

Five Get Killed In Cornwall - Comedy horror - Concept
A young couple make love on a toxic waste infused Cornwall beach. The mutant baby that results, years later terrorises five city folk out on a surfing trip.

Shapeshifter - Period Horror - Concept
A group of gold prospectors are stalked by a shapeshifting beast in the Yukon. Call of the Wild meets The Thing.

The Meter Reader - Comedy - Concept
Feature comedy following 24 hours in the life of a meter reader as he struggles to avoid one conflict after another on what should have been a very straightforward round.

Pornstarz - Comedy - Concept
Five chancers from Portsmouth try to break into the world of Porn.

The Bachelor Year - Comedy - Concept
Sam is getting married. The morning after a wild Bachelor weekend Sam realises he's not ready for marriage. Jimmy and Duke, his best friends, suggest he take a year off from life, a Bachelor Year, then see if he's ready for marriage. But will Heather wait for Sam to live his Bachelor year? And will Sam survive it?


No Skillz
Comedy - Script & Pilot

The Secret Life of a Nebbish
Comedy - Script

Comedy - Concept


Twilight Sculptor
Drama - Radio play

Voices From The Holy Land
Radio documentary concept



Big Pants Magic
Comedy - Script

Levske's Century
Drama - Concept
The 20th Century according to notorious Miami gangster Max Levske.


Behind The Scenes

Christie bloopers & out-takes featuring Hollyoak's Guy Burnet

Behind the scenes (3 mins) of Christie
Behind the scenes (3 mins) of SMS Kiss

American Dream Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes (3 mins) of American Dream