Big Pants Magic

Theatre Play
Anticipated length: 90 minutes


Charlie is a comedian, a dilettante and a football philosopher whose desperate need always to be the centre of attention ultimately destroys his relationships with the people he loves.

Charting the course of a ten year period in Charlie’s life from idle student to failed comedian Charlie’s inability to recognise other people’s embarrassment and his own emotional neediness ultimately leave him unfulfilled.  Not content with having stolen his best friend’s girlfriend Fiona he then proceeds to put their relationship through hell as he lurches from one ludicrous scheme to another ultimately failing to provide her with the emotional stability she needs.

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Behind The Scenes

Christie bloopers & out-takes featuring Hollyoak's Guy Burnet

Behind the scenes (3 mins) of Christie
Behind the scenes (3 mins) of SMS Kiss

American Dream Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes (3 mins) of American Dream