Elephant Boy

Genre: Drama
Anticipated length: 90 minutes.
Location: London

Style: Gritty urban drama

Director: Pat Kelman


Elephant Boy was developed from a clinical presentation delivered at the Mole Mental Health Conference on Borderline Personality Disorder Mad, Bad or Misunderstood

Charting the course of the troubled and often neglected lives of brothers Simon and Jim from early childhood through troubled teenage years and criminal adult life Elephant Boy depicts two brothers' struggle with mental illness, obsession and self destruction.

Although Anglo Indian Jim is brought up mainly by his English grandparents and has little knowledge of his Hindu heritage. In his early twenties he joins a new age tribal community and travels to India where he discovers his roots and develops an obsession with the Hindu God Ganesh. Seeing himself and inwardly deformed he associates his uncontrollable self destructive urges with Ganesh’s outward deformity; having had his head replaced by that of an Elephant’s by his father Vishnu. He associates Ganesh’s physical trauma at the hands of his father with his own emotional trauma at the hands of his parents. He directs his own anger towards his parents at himself and slowly self destructs while those around him take advantage of his fragile state. 

Simon, his younger brother, has internalised all his feelings of anger at his troubled upbringing. Still in touch with his father Simon has difficulty holding down a job or staying in a relationship. He functions but has difficulty understanding the root of his unhappiness until his brother Jim turns up one day looking for a place to stay.

Currently in development this story comes out of hours of research with sufferers of borderline personality disorder and reflects on their shared experiences. 

Two scenes have already been filmed. Elephant Boy won the Reel Tube category at the
Toronto ReelHeArt International Film Festival.

Elephant Boy from Pat Kelman on Vimeo.

Rock Bottom from Pat Kelman on Vimeo.

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