Director’s Vision

Cast and Crew

Marketing Plan


Genre: Comedy.
Anticipated length: 90 minutes.
Location: London.
Style: ELSA was born from the coming together of the drama school comedy The Show and the character of 'Jack Claret' devised through improvisation by Gerard Gilroy and Andy Capie for the comedy circuit. ELSA will be reminiscent in style to the character driven comedies of Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.

ELSA is the East London School of Acting (formerly the East London Synagogue). Warren Hayward, the school principal, is a struggling theatre writer with no organisational skills whatsoever. His one dream in life is to have a show produced in the West End. The school muddles through with the help of his assistant, struggling actress Becky, until Warren’s arch nemesis, Larry Slade - principal of ELSA’s main rival the slick Bethnal Green Academy (formerly the Bethnal Green Synagogue), announces that their lease is up and he intends to buy the school from under them and bulldoze it to make way for a musical theatre suite. The school has forty days to raise £75,000 or face destruction.

With the reluctant help of former ELSA principal Jack Claret, a committed “issue based theatre” director, voice tutor Patricia Van Dyke who struggles to find any passion for the show, and singing coach Barbara Beckett, who has forgotten which century it is, let alone what song she is supposed to be teaching, Warren enters the school into the East London Festival of Diverse Arts. The first prize for the winning show is £75,000. They find themselves in direct competition with the Bethnal Green Academy. Despite Larry Slade’s constant antagonism and the loss of their director and lead actor the night before the performance ELSA storm the festival with a dynamic and original show and save the school.

Filming locations
The filming will take place predominantly in the rehearsal rooms of Rush House at Three Mills Studios which will be transformed into the East London School of Acting. Rooftop rehearsal room 5 will become the Bethnal Green Academy. Other locations have been sourced in Central and East London.