Horrific Movie

Genre: Comedy Horror Spoof
Anticipated length: 90 minutes.
Location: London.
Style: Horrific Movie will follow ELSA by adopting a style reminiscent to that of the character driven comedies of Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn while spoofing horror films from across the genre.

The Producers meets Scary Movie in a hilarious romp through the world of low budget horror as our two unscrupulous protagonists attempt to make the worst movie of all time hoping it will sink without a trace leaving them free to plunder the assets of the production company that made it. They inadvertently commission a horror movie whose makers are so passionate about their script they manage to rally the entire horror movie scene to their cause creating an all time cult classic in the process. The producers head for the hills where they encounter their own unique and horrific nightmare.

Filming Locations
The film will be shot almost entirely at Three Mills Studios and Epping Forest in East London.

Cast and Crew
Maia pictures would hope to secure the services of the crew for ELSA on Horrific Movie and would, with the support of Gillian Hawser, seek a cast of a similar caliber.

Market Analysis
Horrific Movie’s target audience will be the 18-30 demographic and the younger end of the 30-44 demographic. Following the success of comedy horrors such as Shaun of the Dead and Scary Movies 1-4, Horrific Movie will appeal to audiences attracted to outlandish horror spoofs as well as comedy audiences attracted to films such as The Producers. It should also attract a more classic horror audience attracted by the genre references throughout the film.

Horror spoofs have performed well in both in the UK and internationally since Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein, made for $2.8 million in 1974, went on to gross $86.3 million in the US alone. Scream, made in 1996 for $15 million, while not being a comedy was nevertheless a tongue in cheek self referential horror film which went on to gross $162 million worldwide. Scary Movie, launched off the back of Scream’s success, beat Scream’s takings by grossing $260 million worldwide proving that the only thing more popular than horror is a horror spoof. The much more modest Shaun of the Dead made for an estimated $4 million in 2004 went on to gross £26.8 million worldwide.

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