Genre: Thriller.
Anticipated length: 90 minutes.
Location: London, Jerusalem and Qumran.
Style: Snare will be reminiscent in style of classic thrillers such as The Third Man and more modern films such as The Constant Gardner.

Three university friends acquire a rare archaeological scroll that promises to change the course of human history... or so they think. In this unique archaeological thriller, the antidote to all conspiracy films, the pursuit of truth is fraught with betrayal, intrigue and most of all deception.

Archaeologist Paul Davidson arrives at his dig site in Jerusalem to find it barricaded by a protest group angry at the excavation of the Temple Mount. He is about to head back to London when an old man gives him a box of scrolls.

While translating the scrolls the handle on the box breaks uncovering a rare copper scroll hidden inside. Intrigued by this discovery, Paul goes in search of the old man who first gave him the scrolls only to find that he has been murdered.

Led back to the British Museum in London to translate the scroll and determine the motives behind the man’s murder, Paul is convinced by Mary, an archaeologist who worked with a French team translating the dead sea scrolls, that the text is a copy of the Gospel According to Jesus, a document whose contents are so explosive if revealed it would shatter the bedrock of three of the world’s major organised religions.

Pursued by two groups Mary identifies as agents of the Catholic church, Paul finds himself in a race against time to recover the scroll, translate it and publish the contents before he is tracked down and murdered in the biggest cover up of all time.

However he soon finds out that he has been deceived. The scroll is merely a map to the final resting place of the priceless treasures of the Second Temple of Jerusalem and the “agents” no more than petty thieves and gangsters.

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