The Meter Reader

Genre: Comedy
Anticipated length: 90 minutes.
Location: London

Style: A comedy caper in the style of Dude, Where's My Car or Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies.

Peter's grandmother has a farm on the Isle of Wight which is disappearing. Quite literally falling into the sea. With the cliff edge yards from her house and no money to build a new one Peter decides the time has come for him to seek his fortune on the mainland.

Peter arrives in London and takes the first job going - reading Meters.

Over a 24 hour period the residents of his small patch of Hackney try to seduce him, kidnap him, befriend him, drug him and kill him - and to make matters worse after only two hours on the job he is assigned a trainee.

Eventually he escapes London with a suitcase of hard cash purloined from the abandoned flat of the now dead drug lord of Hackney and saves his grandmother's farm.

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