The Secret Life of a Nebbish

Genre: Sitcom
Anticipated length: 6 x 30 minutes
Location: London


Sam Levy is a thirtysomething nebbish who lives at home with his domineering mother, hen pecked father and stroppy sister.  Life for Sam is uneventful and his future working for his brash Uncle at Levy, Levy and Sons Quality Office Furniture seems assured until his father dies of a massive heart attack while eating a pickled cucumber. 

Shortly after the funeral Sam is astonished to find his fathers ghost sitting in the kitchen reading the Jewish Chronicle as if nothing had happened. He has returned from the afterlife with a vitally important message for Sam; “Have more sex.”

Over the next five episodes Sam leads a secret double of life in an attempt to follow his father’s advice and release his wild side. 

Originally filmed at Riverside Studios and directed by Esta Charkham as part of the Television Arts Performance Showcase the scripts are now in development with Kayak Productions. For the scripts and treatments please click the links below:

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