The Trial of William Buckle

Genre: Period Drama
Anticipated length: 90 minutes.
Location: Bury St. Edmonds and Suffolk
Style: A more traditional period drama, The Trial of William Buckle is a tragic love story, an eighteenth century Romeo and Juliet with a mercifully happy ending.

A period drama set in Suffolk in the eighteenth century. Told in flashback during the trial of William Buckle presided over by the legendary Judge Barron Garrow this is the extraordinary true story of a love between two people so strong that the attempt by their family to stand in the way of their happiness led to a suicide pact. The star crossed lovers were unsuccessful in their suicide attempt, but William Buckle himself stood trial for the attempted murder of his lover Leah Warren. Judge Garrow, whose previous cases had included the harrowing trial of William Davidson and the Cato conspirators, was so moved by Leah’s statement to the court that he called a halt to the trial and delivered the most moving speech of his career. Luckily, thanks to his wisdom, this story has a happy ending.

The Trial of William Buckle has been written and researched by Alec Christie and Philip Levy using the actual court reports of Henry Jones. It is currently at first draft stage.

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