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Idea Development Services

Kayak Productions offers development services to companies or individuals looking to take their idea from initial concept to final marketable vision. 

Theme – what questions are you answering with your project? What questions remain unanswered?

Plot, Message and sub plots? – Does the plot convey the theme?  Is the structure sound?  What are your big events and turning points? Is there an underlying message? What are the sub plots and how do they convey your theme? 

Market – what audience is this project aimed at?  Which demographic?

Slot – where is the natural home for your project?  Broadcast or theatrical?  If broadcast which channel?  If theatrical which chain, art-house or mainstream? 

Commercial Viability – Does the potential for return justify the budget?

Pitch – what is it about your pitch that will hook an investor or commissioning editor into the project? What is its unique selling point?

Zeitgeist – Does your project have contemporary relevance?  Is the theme and message in tune with the audience of today?

We can help with the development of your project in the following ways:

  1. Private Consultation – a one to one meeting to discuss your project and the direction in which to take it
  2. Script, treatment or synopsis report – if you already have a script, treatment or synopsis we will provide you with a breakdown of theme, message, market, slot, commercial viability, zeitgeist and pitch and rate each area providing you with a detailed analysis of each, whether the theme and message you are portraying are the same as those you wish to portray and which are the key areas to focus on,
  3. Pitch advice – pitching to producers, commissioning editors or investors can be a nerve-wracking experience. We can help you identify the unique selling point of your project and help you design, learn and deliver that winning pitch.
  4. Script, treatment or synopsis composition – if you are still trying to turn your winning idea into a selling script and you need advice on structure, format and process we can help you take your project from initial concept to marketable script, treatment and synopsis.



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